BTB Electric Based In Turkey Established BTB Electric Viet Nam Company Limited

BTB Electric has been the leading capacitor manufacturer in Turkey. Their capacitors have been well-known at local and abroad with a team of experienced expertise.

BTB Electric has been the top-one capacitor manufacturer in Turkey. Their products have got good reputation at home and abroad. Technology used in the manufacturing process of the offered product range is highly sophisticated and enables them to add much-needed touch of uniqueness to the entire range. Also, they verify the entire range upon various quality parameters to eradicate any possible defect before the final dispatch from their end. Their offered range is available in various technical specifications to meet the exact requirement of their clients. BTB Electric is a strategic Partner of Samsung, Schneider, Fuji Brand.

The team gets the perfect blend of industry experience and expertise to make sure that they offer best in class products at most competitive rates. Their products are manufactured in a high-class fully automated manufacturing unit under expert supervision. Each product goes through various stages of stringent quality checks to ensure that clients get nothing but the best quality, which have been exported to many countries around the world such as Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. The company offers wide range of products, Power Capacitor Bank, Harmonic filter Reactor, Power factor Controller.

BTB Electric Capacitors can be used in many different applications and circuits such as blocking DC current while passing audio signals, pulses, or alternating current, or other time varying wave forms. This ability to block DC currents enables capacitors to be used to smooth the output voltages of power supplies, to remove unwanted spikes from signals that would otherwise tend to cause damage or false triggering of semiconductors or digital components,

and also be used to adjust the frequency response of an audio circuit, or to couple together separate amplifier stages that must be protected from the transmission of DC current.

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Their Power Factor Controller is cost-effective products that ensure a long life. They do not require high maintenance. They are very easy to install and works automatically. They help in increasing the life of electrical equipment.

The power factor controller PFR calculates the actual and reactive power in the mains from the measured current and voltage. It also determines if actual power is being consumed or delivered. It identifies the power of the connected capacitor stages and connects or disconnects them in an optimized manner as required by the actual mains conditions. The regulation considers the frequency of changes in the reactive load and follows the principle of rotational switching. This guarantees that optimum power factor correction is achieved with the minimum number of switching operations.

A series Reactor functions together with a power capacitor to provide a series resonance circuit that acts as a sink drawing damaging harmonics, preventing dangerous overloads and increasing the life of the Automatic power factor correction system components.

Their Reactors prevent harmonic current and voltage amplitude from increasing in systems with non-linear loads, limit the harmonic current flowing on the capacitor preventing heat and high current stresses and allows the capacitors to have a longer operating life and prevent to overcurrent and heating problems on transformers, bus bars, cables, switchgear, protection equipment, etc…

About Company:

With 2 factories in Turkey and India, they supply millions of products to customers around the World. Choosing BTB Electric brand, customers can be completely assured of the quality, safety and durability.

In recent years, the number of orders from Asian markets has increased. To meet schedule as well as delivery time, BTB Electric based in Turkey established BTB Electric Vietnam Company Limited, to supply products to the Asian market, the target is China and Southeast Asia …

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Name: BTB Electric Vietnam Company Limited

Organization: BTB Electric Vietnam Company Limited

Address: No 85 Quoc Bao Street-Van Dien Town, Thanh Tri Dist- Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 839 66 44 22