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At the old website address, but BTB Electric gives customers a new interface and a different experience space. This updated version will be a more complete upgrade such as: language automatically changes from customer's address; specifically classified categories

        · Main page category & introduction: Has a flat, general interface, presented in a vivid and scientific way, giving viewers an understanding of the formation and development of BTB Electric.

        · Product portfolio: The products are presented visually by BTB, providing specifications, meeting standards as well as achieved certificates.

        · Applications portfolio: Surprise customers when BTB Electric's products are applied in the power system.

        · Project portfolio: BTB is proud to have been selected and used by partners and customers in their works and projects. Through the project list, it is possible to know the capacity profile of the operator.

        · Catalog of documents: Customers will have all the specifications, production standards, user manuals and technical drawings that they desire for any product.

       · News section: This is a category that helps customers understand products and electrical industry knowledge deeply. In this category, customers are also provided with the most authentic product reviews and video reviews.

        · Contacts: For in-depth advice as well as the desire to cooperate in distributing our products, please contact us.

And there are many new and interesting things at BTB website, please visit to discover together. This will be an online space for you to consult product information, update news as well as receive direct advice. The website is a useful information channel for consulting units to design, construct and install electrical panels and meet the needs of users.

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