Frequent use of power electronic devices with nonlinear loads leads to harmonic distortion in electrical system. This nonsinusoidal load causes increase of effective current of power capacitor and other components of the system as well as the possibility of capacitor resonance with other inductive loads. Finally it may lead to problems or even failures in the installation. The solution is to use detuning (filtering) reactors, which creates a series resonant circuit with power capacitors. This detuned system prevents the installation from resonance effect and also acts as a filter for higher harmonic content. Usually there is recommended to use detuning reactors for the total voltage distortion THD-U higher than 3 %

Salient Features

  • Special Design with High-Level Saturation
  • Superior Performance
  • High-Grade Laminations in Magnetic Circuit
  • Easy Pad Termination & Mounting
  • Low Power Losses
  • Protection from Excess Temperature

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