What harmonic filtering devices does BTB Electric have?

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Harmonics caused by inverters can cause many problems in your facility, including circuit breakers, capacitor bank failures, motor failures, blown fuses, and damaged cable insulation. BTB products can reduce these harmonics to improve power quality and protect the motor.

The “AHF” filter is an elite harmonic filter applied in the system that reduces harmonics to less than 7% of total required distortion (TDD) at the common coupling point. By introducing reverse current, the active filter removes harmonics and synchronizes the current and voltage waveforms while improving the power factor to close to one

The BRH1 input line reactor (inverter input) is the first layer of protection in minimizing harmonics. The BRH1 series reactors help protect 6-pulse rectifiers and power conversion devices such as inverters (VFDs). When used in conjunction with a VFD, the BRH1 series reactor can help reduce harmonics and protect the inverter from harmful voltage spikes. BRH1 series reactors are recommended on the input of each VFD in many drive applications.


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