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Reaktif güç kontrol rölesi

Reaktif güç kontrol rölesi

Code: PFR

Power Factor Relay are used for the measurement and control of power factor correction units for central reactive power compensation


Öne Çıkanlar
  • Manual, auto switching control
  • Automatic C/K and rated step adjustment
  • Automatic CT polarity correction
  • Alarm Relay
  • User-friendly setting
  • Expected electrical life > 100000 operations at output relay rated current

Standards: IEC/EN 61000-6-2

Code: PFR96b, PFR60b/ PFR80b / PFR120b

Numbers of outputs:  6, 6 / 8 / 12

Rated voltage: 240V/415V

Operating current range: 50mA ~ 5.5A

Frequency:  50/60Hz

Expected mechanical life: > 5000000 operations

Alam relay: 1NO

Cosφ setting:  0.85 (ind.) - 1.00

CT value: 5 ~ 10000/5

Display screen: LED

Measure:  Cosφ, PF, V, I, W, Var, VA

Dimension (HxWxD):  143x143x67mm / 96x96x91mm