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BTB Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd was honored to receive the title of “Top Brands Asia Pacific 2023 last June 25th – Top Brands Asia Pacific – 2023” at the Military Theater (Tan Binh District – Ho Chi Minh City), organized by the Asian Industry Information Association (AIPA).

This is a meaningful result and the company’s efforts to expand the market in recent years. This program was interested and attended by leaders of of many agencies and departments and broadcast live on Vietnam Digital Television – VTC8.

The program aims to honor goods brands, service brands and corporate brands that made efforts to rise and achieve positive results in production and business activities contribute to the economic development and raise the value of Vietnamese brand in the domestic market, and the world.

BTB Electric was founded in 1980, head office in Istanbul, Turkey, with nearly 50 years of experience in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing and power quality solutions. BTB Electric’s products have been present in many countries around the world such as France, UK, Germany, Belgium… With the mission “Real value for life” – We bring products close to life that meet the criteria. : the real value of quality, the real value of technology, the real value of cultural, BTB Electric has chosen BTB Electric Vietnam as the representative of the brand in the Asian market. With the advantage of geographical location and large growth market, BTB Electric Vietnam has quickly dominated the Asian market and trusted by EVN companies as: PC Bac Ninh. , PC Ha Nam, PC Quang Ninh, PC Kien Giang, PC Lai Chau….

The Representative of BTB Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd received Award.

The Award of Top 30 Leading Brands in Asia – Pacific 2023 at the announcement ceremony, the representative of BTB Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd. said: “This is a great recognition and motivation for BTB Electric, to continue provide quality products to customer better and better. At the same time, continue to promote the strength and internal resources of a reputable and quality brand, proudly accompanying customers and contributing to the development of the country.”

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Adress : No 85 Quoc Bao street, Van Đien town, Thanh Tri dist , Hà Nội, Việt Nam

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