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Time Code Investor Project name Selected bidder Value Link
11/2021 Updating BUMJIN Electronics Vina Co., Ltd

Replace reactive power compensation system to overcome damage caused by large harmonics

A Chau Industrial Technology Joint Stock Company 385.697$ see more
8/2019 Updating Luxshare - ICT (Vina) Limited

Level of total system of electrical panels and reactive power compensation

Vietnam Smosa technology joint stock company 647.584$ see more
5/2019 Updating Qingdao Subway

Filter harmonics on power system

China Railway Traffic 785.287$ see more
11/2017 Updating Jinan Children Hospital

Improving power quality for children

Shandong Hoteam electric Co., Ltd 807.236$ see more
11/2018 Updating Korea World Trade Center Expansion

600Ax8 – Active Harmonic Filter

BTB Elektroteknik San. Ve. Ltd. Sti 236.512$ see more
2/2017 Updating Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Lusaka, Zambia

Improve the quality of electricity for the airport

Shandong Hoteam electric Co., Ltd 1.208.392$ see more
3/2018 Updating Lucky One Mall

Supply of equipment for low voltage electrical cabinets

BTB Elektroteknik San. Ve. Ltd. Sti 538.620$ see more
2/2020 Updating Orissa International

Market Expansion into Thailand

BTB Elektroteknik San. Ve. Ltd. Sti 1.058.520$ see more