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Otomatik transfer anahtarlari

Otomatik transfer anahtarlari

Device application for changing supplies

  • Rated current: 63~3200A
  • Poles description: 2P, 3P, 4P
  • Switching sequence: A <-> B or A <-> OFF <-> B

Öne Çıkanlar
  • Excellence and Characteristics: Excellent swithching performance and unfailing operation function. Most suitable for emergency power facility which is neutral position
  • Safety: Safety and steady operation applying BMC mold at the breaking component. Strong protection based on latch structure.
  • Single coil with transient exciting method: Power saving structure because of transient exciting method which secures reliable power. Solenoid operation.
  • Unfailing insullation characteristics: Molded breaking component which is completed sealed prevent electric shock. Prevent electric accidents from alien substance.

Standards: IEC/EN 60947-6-1

Rated voltage, Ue: 600V

Rated impulse withstand voltage, Uimp: 8kV

Rated short-time withstand current lcw: 5~50kA

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Pole: 2P, 3P, 4P


Rated current: 63/125A, 200/250A

Switching sequence: A <-> B

Break(Opening): ≤ 50ms

Make Closing: ≤ 30ms


Rated current: 100/125A, 200/250A, 400/500A, 630/800A, 1000/1250A, 1600A, 2000/2500A, 3000/3200A

Switching sequence: A <-> B or A <-> OFF <-> B

Break(Opening): ≤ 35ms

Make Closing: ≤ 150ms

Make delay(Off): ≤ 30ms