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Hello, I’m BMAN!

I am a Robot, created from BTB Electric's own products. Hmm… sounds confusing right? So, let's follow our story and development right below to better understand.

Do you know me? At the beginning I was only a small product created by Mr. Burak Berk in his family's garage in Istanbul Turkey. Later, he and some of his friends founded the brand BTB Electric.
And, I grew up with the dynamism and creation nurtured through the decades of Mr Berk family That's why I - Robot Bman - had a complete appearance manufactured by BTB Electric. Please look forward to my wide appearance in the near future!




Quality Certification

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Which organizations certify for BMAN
Which organizations certify for BMAN Did you know this? The following organizations issue certificates to me: Underwriters Laboratory (UL) of the US, Intertek of the UK, Kema of the Netherlands and Using KEMA-KEUR mark on the product.
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  1. Vision

    BTB Electric oriented to the multinational brand,variety of products

  2. Mission

    Real value for life           .

  3. Core Values
    Core Values

    Respect Customers; Flexible adaptation.

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